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Owen explaining the physics behind our robots to students at a local school

A busy practice, with everyone working hard to get our robot ready

Owen chearing our drivers during a close match

We strive to help our local community. We teach 8th graders at a local school basic coding and robotics

Our team after a great competition, where we placed 2nd

FTC team 4466 Macca Bots is Gann Academys top performing robotics team, filled with talented members with unique skills. We pride ourselves on our self suffiency, care for our community, and inginuity. Everything we build we create ourselves and we manufacture many of our own partsm allowing us to create unique mechanisms unlike what any other team creates. We also help and teach students at schools around learn about STEM and robotics, and show them what passionate creators are capable of. We are based in Waltham, check out our school below.


The Original

old robot

You would be hard pressed to find a robot that looked anything like this at any other competition last season. But it would be just as hard to find a better one. We had a completely unique and ambitious design that required extensive research and testing to fully develope. We fully 3d modeled the whole robot in order to precisely design it and make custom parts for it to make a robot with a massive swinging arm to quickly transport objects. This one design component was able to do everything, and won many awards throughout the year.

The Award Winner

old robot

The first thing any team has to design is a drivetrain, and it is the only part of your robot you can reuse for multiple seasons. This year we used laser cutters, CNCs, 3d printers, and more to design the best drivetrain yet, somrthing unlike any time has every used. We used our vast knowledge in 3D design and manufacturing to custom make every single mechanism on our robot to once again make something uniqeu and powerful, and unilized advanced, industrial grade linear slide to make a massive lift. That, along with a custom wheeled intake, made another award winning robot.

sponsor info

Our team is not not your avaerage robotics team. We don't just make robots, we make new algorithms, we manufacture custom parts, we do graohic design, we design websites, we modify parts, we teach others, and we work hard. All of this allows us to expand our unique skills and help others expand theirs, but it costs us money. Thats where sponsors come in. You can help us continue what we do and reach new heights. Whether it be a small donation, a few parts, and something you make, a software license, or something else, anything helps us. And we can help you as well. Any sponsorship gets you a place on our team merch, but more generous sponsors can gets email plugs or even a place on the robot itself. Contact us at for more info.